Laboratory 17

Laboratory of Fiber Optics

Бабин С.А.


Sergey A. Babin,

Doctor of Sciences in Phys & Math,

Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

L17 2021

Main Directions of Research&Development

New generation regimes of fiber lasers:

  • generation of high-energy pico- and femtosecond pulses in all-fiber cavities of Ytterbium and Erbium fiber lasers (dissipative solitons) and Raman lasers (Raman dissipative solitons),
  • pulse amplification in fiber tapers,
  • parametric generation of CW and pulsed laser radiation in new spectral bands.

New schemes and effects in Raman fiber lasers and amplifiers:

  • optical turbulence in Raman lasers and amplifiers,
  • lasers with random distributed feedback based on Rayleigh scattering in fibers of various type,
  • artificial Rayleigh reflectors and their application for single-frequency/tunable lasing,
  • Raman lasers based on directly diode-pumped multimode fibers,
  • conventional and Raman lasers based on multicore fibers,
  • effects of multimode beam “cleaning” in multimode fibers.

Interaction of light with micro- and nanostructures in optical fibers:

  • femtosecond modification and structuring of transparent optical materials, fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) in specialty singlemode fibers,
  • regular and random 2D-3D structures in multimode and multicore fibers and their applications in lasers and sensors,
  • fiber-integrated interferometers involving thin-film and 3D structures and micro-resonators,
  • laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) and their applications.


In 2014-2016 the laboratory team worked on the research grant of Russian Science Foundation for leading laboratories № 14-22-00118 «Generation and nonlinear conversion of radiation in the scheme of Raman fiber laser with direct diode pumping of a high power". The main The main results are available here. According to the decision of the Russian Science Foundation the project was prolonged as a successful one for the next two years. The main results of 2017-2018 are available here.

In 2021 the competition in frames of Russian President Program «Research and Development by world-level laboratories for priority scientific and technological achievements of Russian Federation» has been won and the laboratory team starts working on the RSF grant № 21-72-30024 «Fundamental problems and new photonic technologies of multimode fiber waveguides with regular and random 3-dimensional structures». The main results of 2021 are available here. Article in “Poisk” magazine about the project can be found here.

Fundamental and Applied Research Results