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Публикации лаборатории 11

Публикации 2018 года

[1] A.V. Nemykin, A.S. Bereza, and D.A. Shapiro. Perturbation theory in the problem of light scattering by a dielectric body. JETP. Letters, 108(9):577-581, 2018. [ DOI ]
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Публикации 2017 года

[1] A.S. Bereza, A.V. Nemykin, S.V. Perminov, L.L. Frumin, and D.A. Shapiro. Light scattering by dielectric bodies in the Born approximation. Phys. Rev. A, 95(6):063839, 2017. [ DOI ]
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Публикации 2016 года

[1] S.R. Abdullina, A.A. Vlasov, I.A. Lobach, O.V. Belai, D.A. Shapiro, and S.A. Babin. Single-frequency Yb-doped fiber laser with distributed feedback based on a random FBG. Laser Physics Letters, 13(7):075104, 2016. [ DOI ]
[2] V. Nesterov, O. Belai, D. Nies, S. Buetefisch, M. Mueller, T. Ahbe, D. Naparty, R. Popadic, and H. Wolff. Si-traceable determination of the spring constant of a soft cantilever using the nanonewton force facility based on electrostatic methods. Metrologia, 53(4):1031, 2016. [ DOI ]
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Публикации 2015 года

[1] L.L. Frumin, O.V. Belai, E.V. Podivilov, and D.A. Shapiro. Efficient numerical method for solving the direct Zakharov–Shabat scattering problem. J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 32(2):290–296, 2015. [ DOI ]
[2] A.I. Nemykin, S.V. Perminov, L.L. Frumin, and D.A. Shapiro. Excitation of a plasmon resonance in metal cylinders by an evanescent wave. Quantum Electronics, 45(3):240–244, 2015. [ DOI ]
[3] E.G. Shapiro, D.A. Shapiro, and S.K. Turitsyn. Method for computing the optimal signal distribution and channel capacity. Optics Express, 23(12):15119–15133, 2015. [ DOI ]

Публикации 2011-2014 года

[1] E.G. Shapiro and D.A. Shapiro. Imperfect narrow filtering in optical links with phase modulation. Opt. Commun., 320:27–32, 2014. [ DOI ]
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