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Публикации лаборатории 11

Публикации 2023 года

[1] O.V. Belai, L.L. Frumin, and A.E. Chernyavsky. Algorithms for solving the inverse scattering problem for the Manakov model. Journal of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, 64(3):453-464, 2024. [ DOI ]
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[9] E.G. Shapiro and D.A. Shapiro. Phase-Modulated Format of Off-Center Chirped Data Transmission over a High-Speed Optical Link without Dispersion Compensation. Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, 50(10):S1156-S1162, 2023 [ DOI ].

Публикации 2022 года

[1] Anton Nemykin, Leonid Frumin, and David Shapiro. Light scattering by a subwavelength plasmonic array: anisotropic model. Sensors, 22(2):449, 2022. [ DOI ]
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Публикации 2021 года

[1] D.S. Agafontsev and A.A. Gelash. Rogue waves with rational profiles in unstable condensate and its solitonic model. Frontiers in Physics, 9:610896, 2021. [ DOI ]
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Публикации 2020 года

[1] A Gudko, A Gelash, and R Mullyadzhanov. High-order numerical method for scattering data of the Korteweg-de Vries equation. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1677:012011, 2020. [ DOI ]
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Публикации 2019 года

[1] A.S. Bereza, L.L. Frumin, A.V. Nemykin, S.V. Perminov, and D.A. Shapiro. Perturbation series for the scattering of electromagnetic waves by parallel cylinders. EPL (Europhysics Letters), 127(2):20002, 2019. [ DOI ]
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Публикации за предыдущий период

[1] A.V. Nemykin, A.S. Bereza, and D.A. Shapiro. Perturbation theory in the problem of light scattering by a dielectric body. JETP. Letters, 108(9):577-581, 2018. [ DOI ]
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